Friday, July 16, 2010

A Hymn to Kalagni Rudra

eko hi rudro na dvitīyāya tasthur
ya imāṃl lokān īśata īśanībhiḥ
pratyaṅ janāṃs tiṣṭhati sañcukocānta-kāle
saṃsṛjya viśvā bhuvanāni gopāḥ ( Svetasvatara Upanishad III-2 )

"Rudra is truly one; for the knowers of Brahman do not admit the existence of a second, He alone rules all the worlds by His powers. He dwells as the inner Self of every living being. After having created all the worlds, He, their Protector, takes them back into Himself at the end of time."

A Prayer to Kalagni Rudra:

Salutations to thee O Kalagni Rudra !
Salutations to thee O Mrithyunjaya , Salutations to thee O Gangadhara
Salutations to thee O Lord of all beings.

Thou art the killer of Time. Thou art the one in whom the worlds rest.
Thou art the one in whom Gods merge. Thou art one who slays all.

Thou art Brahman, Thou art One without second. Thou art the source of all
Thou art the one who gives delight. Thou art the one who created the creator.
Thou art the one who created Time. Thou art the one in whom the 'Time' moves.
Thou art auspicious. Thou art Nirguna
Thou art the source of Prakriti. Thou art the rest place of all creatures.
Thou art the one who is beyond the reach of senses. Thou art the one who is beyond comprehension.
Thou art the Supreme Self. Thou art the Sole refuge for all beings

Thou art Agni, Thou art Mitra, Thou art Varuna, Thou art Vishnu, Thou art Indra,
Thou art Prajapathi. Thou art greater than the great. 
Thou art Truth, Thou art auspicious, Thou art Non-dual Brahman. 

ajāta ity evaṃ kaścid bhīruḥ prapadyate
rudra yat te dakṣiṇaṃ mukhaṃ tena māṃ pāhi nityam (Svetasvatara Upanishad IV-21)

"It is because Thou, O Lord, art birthless, that some rare souls, frightened by birth and death, take refuge in Thee. O Rudra, may Thy benign face protect me for ever!"

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