Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Wrath of Lord Rudra

O Rudra.... Salutations to thy wrath
Who can stand before thee, O mighty Lord, when thou stand as 'Mahakala'
Neither men nor gods can stand before thee, O Rudra !
Thy wrath alone makes the Gods shiver with fear.
Thy wrath alone is sufficient to burn the worlds into ashes.
Thy wrath alone is sufficient to make the creation merge in you !

Thou art superior to death. Thou art the killer of death(kala).
Thou art superior to kama. Thou art the killer of  kama(birth).
Thou art the one who kicked both Kama and Kala.

O Lord, the fury of Thee who became a hunter with a bow in hand has not as yet left Brahmā though, keenly pierced by Thy arrow and terror stricken, he has fled to the sky.

O Rudra, that Kama(cupid)  whose arrows do not fail anywhere in the world of gods, demons and men but are always successful became simply an object of memory by looking upon Thee as an ordinary god like Brahma et al.

O Mighty lord, that foolish Daksha thought gods are sufficient for the sacrifice and negected thou, the creator of gods, O Parameshwara. The sacrifice being destroyed Thou ever remainest the connecting link between the sacrificers and the fruit of the sacrifice. When does the destroyed sacrifice bear fruit, if not accompanied by the worship of the Lord? Therefore knowing Thee to be the giver of fruits and putting faith in the Vedas, people become resolute about the performance of sacrifical rites.

Thou Giver of refuge, even the sacrifice where Daksha prajapati, an expert in sacrifices was the sacrificer, Rishis were priests, gods were supervisors, was destroyed by Thee though Thou art bent upon giving fruits of the sacrifices. Surely the sacrifices cause injury to the sacrificers in the absence of devotion to thee, O Absolute Brahman.

O Lord we know that, verily, thou art the embodiment of Mercy.
O Rudra, only the wise can know that Thy anger is a Divine play made by thee to delude us.
Thou art beyond all Gunas. Thou art Nirguna. Thou art beyond both wrath and mercy.
Thou art one without second.  Take away thy wrath and show mercy on us, O Shiva.

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