The blog is dedicated to Lord Shiva. While surfing, I've  come across several websites and forums which demean Lord Shiva. I found several dead threads in online forums where the Vaishnavas dominated the discussion. The Vaishnavas  are supported with adequate scriptural database in form of Hare krishna (ISKCON) websites. So they can just 'Copy-Paste' from them. But i found no Shaiva website to counter the lies spread by the Harekrsna websites. I want to use this blog to help those people who counter the Vaishnavite lies about lord Shiva.

The following are some of the blasphemous remarks made by Vaishnavas about Lord Shiva.

1) Shiva is full of "Tamo Guna". He is embodiment of Tamo guna (ingnorance)

2) Shiva cannot give Liberation to his devotee

3) All Shiva Bhaktas are Tamasic (ignorant) in nature. That's why they like Shiva.

4) All Shiva Bhaktas are material mongers. That's why they like Shiva.

5) Shiva is inferior to Lord Vishnu. If anyone says both are equal and same then it should be considered as the highest form of blasphemy.

6) Only demons see Shiva as Supreme God.

7) Shiva is a demi-god.

See this Video to know how Tamal Krishna,the then  president of Hare Krsnas( ISKCON)  maligns Lord Shiva.

My Views :

viṣṇurvā śankaro vā śruti-śikhara-girāmastu tātparya-bhūmiḥ
na-asmākama tatrva vādaḥ prasarati kimapi spaṣṭam-advaita-bhājām |
kintu-īśa-dveṣa-gāḍhānala-kalita-hṛdām durmatīnām duruktīḥ
bhanktum yatno mama-ayam nahi bhavatu tato viṣṇu-vidveṣa-śankām ||

'I have not the slightest objection, to anyone coming to any conclusion, that the spirit of the Vedas and the Vedantas, declare either Vishnu or Shiva as the First God. I am a follower of the Advaita doctrine. I have no difference between Shiva and VishNu. But if in order to establish Vishnu as the main God, if somebody starts abusing Shiva or hates him, I cannot bear it. There are as many proofs or pramanas in the Vedas, Vedanta, Puranas and Agamas to establish that Shiva is a mighty God, as there are to prove that Vishnu is a powerful one. However, I am propagating my Vedic dharma and indulging in debate and disputation, only to persuade everyone not to hate Shiva. Let no one have the slightest doubt that I either hate or wish to denigrate Lord Vishnu simply because I praise the grace and greatness of Supreme Lord Shiva.'